Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Spark of Vengeance ~ Kathleen Kelly

Sean MacKenny, VP in the Loyal Rebels MC.

A Soldier, a leader, a brother.
A man not to be messed with by anyone.
When Sean disobeys his older brother, who is also his President, he runs. He goes back to his old Marine buddy, Thomas Trent.
Thomas Trent is a man of honor, a man to be trusted… a man who has been murdered.
Can Sean discover why his friend is dead and, in the process, help his daughter, Beth?

Beth Trent is strong, angry, and knows her own mind.
Beth doesn’t need anyone helping her, well… that’s what she tells herself. But Sean MacKenny is turning her world upside down.

Can this couple overcome their pasts to create a future together?

Spark of Vengeance
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